Writing : Writing And Writing Essay

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I improved on a lot of things in the elements of writing. It has helped me get a lot of work done and actually being interested in writing papers and learning new ways to improve myself as a writer. Writing papers was never my strong point, I was never very good at it. Papers to me have become very manageable with the help of this class and my teacher. Writing in my opinion, doesn’t just communicate ideas, it generates them. When writing I tend to need help by others because I may not realize my mistakes. Some things I improved in and see growth in is actually being a persistent writer, Grammar of an essay was something I see improvement in , and staying on topic and keeping the reader interested.
When it comes to writing being persistent is a key trait to always have! I say this because writing may sometimes become harder than you think with a certain topic. You have to know how to keep the reader interested. I make sure when I am writing I am always clear and being concise. I’ve done my fair share of research about how to write a good paper and one thing I always see is make sure the paper is tight, concise, and easy to read. A complex, long, convoluted paper is just confusing to yourself and the reader. Something that I’ve always hated was long papers you tend to lose the reader’s attention. Sticking to three topics when I’m writing has always been the way I wrote a paper. I stick to three topics because doing so has improved my ability of doing so. The tone of the essay…

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