Essay Writing Techniques That Massively Improved My Writing

1002 Words Feb 1st, 2016 5 Pages
This semester in Ms. Wagner’s accelerated english class I learned many important writing techniques that massively improved my writing, like how to use TIQA format in paragraphs, how to avoid bad habits such as the use of “to be” verbs or the overuse of commas, and how to properly write a thesis statement. One of the first skills I learned this semester is how to organize my paragraphs into TIQA format. TIQA formatting is a way to set up a paragraph to keep it nice and neat. It stands for topic sentence (or transition), intro to quote, quote, and analysis. The best example of my improvement using this technique is one of the first writing pieces I did in English this year, the Book of Sands thematic paragraph. My rough draft paragraph was a work in progress at best, with a mediocre topic sentence, only one quote from the story, and adequate analysis if any. After the class wrote our first rough draft, Ms. Wagner taught us how to use TIQA in our writing. I applied the format to my paragraph and it instantaneously got much better. I had proper quotes and analysis, and the whole paragraph was nice and organized. As the year went on and I practiced using TIQA in my writing, it became a habit to use it. When the time came to write my Life of Pi thesis essay, my first rough draft was already set up in TIQA form, with multiple quotes, introductions to the quotes, and proper analysis, and it wasn’t nearly as awful as my Book of Sands paragraph nightmare. Using TIQA has…

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