Writing Style And Format Conventions Of A Traditional Essay

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My persuasive essay is in the form of a speech employing the style and format conventions of a traditional essay. This allowed me to express my ideas in a way that is logical and coherent. I have chosen a semi-formal writing style and included evidence from credible sources, in the form of quotes and data, to demonstrate expertise on my topic. Furthermore my use inclusive language and anecdotes aims to connect with the audience so they are able to relate with my ideas and hence share my viewpoint. I chose to present my ideas as a PhD holding oceanographer and mother of two who had been vaccinated, to show a measured opinion to discredit the possibility of me presenting a biased opinion. My piece is intended for the parents of young children or expecting parents, as they will be making the choice to vaccinate their children in the future. After my speech my aim is that they leave the anti-vaccination seminar with greater knowledge and appreciation of the ideas I presented. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that parents are mislead with regards to vaccinations while indicating the dangers associated with vaccination and the benefits of abstaining from its practice.

“No jab, no play?” NO WAY!

My name is Amelia Harwood, yet by the end of my speech many of you who continue to live blindly to the fact that vaccination is not immunisation will choose to know me as the infamous ‘anti-vaxxer’. This however is not my title. I am an anti-vaccine activist, mother of two and…

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