Writing Skills On Students Focused Of Five Learning Outcomes Essay

1094 Words Dec 9th, 2015 5 Pages
English Composition Honors 1010 set out to instruct and improve on the writing skills on its students focusing of five learning outcomes. Here is my story. This semester my writing has evolved due to my understanding of context in relation to writing format and styles. Through my own self-evaluation of my own papers, this passed semester I’ve overcome stagnation as a writer. I’ve moved on from my algorithmic method of churning out essays, which often leads to writer’s block. Since then, I have begun to adopt more heuristic techniques. These flexible guidelines have made writing essays that support my thesis easier, for I’m not constrained to a rigid blueprint. Along with this new found flexibility, adaption in tone and style has been made immensely easier. However heuristic writing has further promoted a setback in my writing when it comes to revising. While I feel willing and able to modify my papers because I have no clear set requirement for myself, I know not when to end my revision process. I believe from the examples of my writing provided these changes will be evident. I feel my overall skill as a writer has increased to some extent, but due to the novelty of my new writing habits, I’m hesitant to claim this as my permanent style of writing.
When it comes to making my papers interesting I depend heavily on context to determine the tone of the essay. The context and tone will determine whether a bold statement comes across as satirical or crass. I explored this idea…

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