Essay about Writing Skills Have Developed And I Have Grown As A Writer

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Being a poet, writing is an everyday must and is one of the ways I express myself. During this semester of English-1010 class, my writing skills have developed and I have grown as a writer. In the beginning of the course, I did not know how to form a strong thesis or cite sources properly and so on. I’m not the best writer and certainly not perfect, but with the help of Professor Fulton and my peers, my writing has improved. In this course, I developed as a writer by learning how to develop strong thesis statements and cite sources correctly. I also have developed into a more confident writer. This portfolio will include essays from Unit One- The Summary, Unit Two-Response & Analysis, and Unit Four- Proposal, to illustrate my development.
In revising my Unit One: Summary & Analysis paper, my thesis was correct and I mainly focused on in-text citations, signal phrases, and refraining to write my opinion when writing a summary of source text. As a result, I now understand how to properly form correct in-text citations and how to use signal phrases to identify the source. For example, in my original draft, I stated “The first group walks through the park for about an hour and the other group spent about same time walking through the busy streets (p.4)”(2). With the help of Professor Fulton, he informed me to work on my in-text citations a bit more and to use the paragraph number and abbreviation "par." for sources without page numbers. I mistakenly used the paragraph number…

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