Writing Skills And Techniques From The Eng 107 Course Essay

773 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Over the entire semester, I have learnt a lot of useful writing skills and techniques from the ENG 107 course. All the writing projects that I did in this course are very meaningful and useful. Moreover, I have changed my writing style from disorder to well organized followed by the outline whenever I start a writing project. After taking ENG 107, I felt that it helps me to improve my writing not only for the writing projects in this course but also my other course. First of all, several steps should be done before we start to write our first draft for all the writing projects. I think this method is very useful, because I can understand the requirement of the writing projects without doing the wrong projects. Furthermore, I learned to organize my points and ideas according to the outline, summaries and peer review. The project that demand most from me is the writing project 3. For example, in order to complete writing project 3, I need to determine what topic I would like to write at first, then find a main article and provide three other article to support the claims from the main article. To make this project easy, our instructor want us to do summaries for all the four article and understand each of the article, then try to connect and relate the points to the main article. I think the summary of articles is very useful, because I can easily draw connect between all the articles and understand it very well. Among all the writing projects, the writing project that I am…

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