Writing Requires A Lot Of Efforts Essay

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As individuals that are rather fond of the concept of perfection, we tend to minimize the fact that it is simply a concept and maximize its actuality. As a result of this fault, we expect for things that require multiple tries to come out as perfect and the outcome often leads to disappointment. A great example of this would be the writing process--most people believe that great writing is the result of one being gifted. That a person can just wake up one evening and write their best work without any effort. This misconception often leads to individuals discouraged to write and create myths about the process of writing. Truthfully, writing requires a lot of efforts. Even the most experienced writers face difficulty with finding inspiration to write and often depend on methods to facilitate their writing. Some writers depend on two-step processes that help them find a balance between creativity and critiquing. Others engage in ritualistic behaviors that produce great results. These processes might seem very different from one another but all writers can agree on one thing, that the most important factor in the writing process is expressing one’s thoughts out, whether in a ritualistic manner or a numerical process, expressing the ideas no matter how unorthodox is key.
In his article, “A Way of Writing”, William Stafford explains that writing is not as much about having something to say but finding a method to express things what would not have come out had it not be for the…

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