Essay on Writing Process : A Good Piece Of Writing

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Linda Flower says that “a good piece of writing closes the gap between you and the reader” (184). Meaning that the writer is able to make the reader see things the way the writer does. The writing process is generally long and requires constant revision. I would characterize my writing process as lacking in essential qualities, but improvable by taking more time during planning and revising, and thinking about the needs of my reader.
I start my writing process in the comfort of my own room. I sit on my twin size bed and lean back on a couple pillows. I then proceed to open up my laptop and go to Microsoft word. I start with a blank document and begin to compose. I always keep my phone by my side so that I can take Twitter breaks as a reward for the progress I have made. My house is small so I am able to hear some background noise which helps me stay focused.
When I begin to write I usually think about how I want to start and organize my paper, but I never write anything down. I then take about five minutes to think through what my first sentence should be. Once I have that I am able to write the draft. After I finish my first draft I wait a day or a few days and go back to it so that I can revise. I read through my paper and look for anything that I can improve or take out or rearrange. I then look at all of my grammar and correct what needs to be corrected. I complete the same process to the next draft, then give it one final read through and turn it in.
My writing process…

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