Writing Powerful Descriptions By Jon Gingerich Essay

772 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
In the beginning of this semester, my journey began as a developing writer. The developmental course is just a trial to move on to English 1101 that hopefully has been deemed successful. There has been so much taught to me in this class, and so much room for improvement within all of my essay written for the course. With all of my improvements as a writer, and within my writing process, let me take the leap to English 1101. The start of the semester, the professor gave us a two articles to read. “Lamott’s, Shitty First Drafts” was the first article we received in the semester to read. The reading wasn’t difficult, but was actually rather informative with my situation while developing my processes. It taught me that good writing can begin with a terrible first draft, but that’s all in the process of writing a good paper. “Writing Powerful Descriptions, by Jon Gingerich” was the second article we received. While reading this article, it mentioned ways that myself as a write could improve by appealing to my senses, being specific, limiting my modifiers, and using more figurative language. This information has been found useful when writing all of my essays throughout the course. Essay one was a small essay of 250 words minimum. The topic of this essay was “What do you do when you write.” In this essay, my main focus was about the obstacles that are distracting around me when writing, or what goes through my head when writing an essay. This essay made me think deep about my…

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