Writing Notes By Hand Is More Effective Than Typing Notes Essay

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Recent studies have shown that writing notes by hand is more effective than typing notes on a computer. Writing by hand helps students remember the material learned in class. Using too much technology affects important life skills and the way students learn. Researchers have studied the effects of writing notes and typing notes. Even though taking notes on a computer helps with organization and is much faster than handwritten notes, the best option is to write notes by hand. Schools are using more and more technology in order for the children to learn better. Due to the fact that writing by hand helps students remember the material and the use of technology can affect the way students learn and live, younger children benefit from writing, and researchers have proven that students test better by writing their notes makes textbooks and paper/pencils the better option.
Writing notes helps students remember the material better than typing notes. For example, a study has proven that using pen and paper to take notes instead of a laptop boosts memory and the ability to retain and understand concepts (Borreli 1). In other words, writing notes helps students remember and understand the material. If, writing notes helps students remember the material, then schools should still be using paper and pencil. According to Borreli, since writing by hand takes longer, that it might influence the learning process (Borreli 9). Basically, people benefit from the amount of time it takes to write…

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