Writing, Not Tell And The Creativity Of How And What I Write Essay

1025 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
This semester in Introduction to Poetry Writing, I believe I have grown in using figurative language to ‘show, not tell’ and in the creativity of how and what I write. I was encouraged to write about a variety of topics in this class, and I thought differently about each of these, learning to find my voice in the process. Poetry was not something I was too familiar with prior to this semester, but I have always been a lover of books and writing since I can remember. This class has helped me use my passion to read and write for creative purposes, and I am glad I was both challenged and supported in my endeavors in the class as the semester continued. I believe these challenges of what to write and how to write in the class led to me becoming a better writer in terms of creativity and language. For many of the poems, I was told to think outside the box and stray far from the typical romantic poetry of Shakespeare’s day. Instead, I was to write contemporary poetry similar to that of Tony Hoagland. I feel as if I came into the class with a burst of creativity waiting to be shared, and it was in this fashion that I started off my poetry of the semester in one of my own favorites called “A Day’s Dreaming Before I Sleep.” This poem’s prompt was to talk about things you love and hate the dichotomy between those things. I decided to follow the prompt, and it ended up that I constructed the poem in a ‘day-in-the-life’ format, starting from when I wake up and take a shower to when I…

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