Writing My First Essay: My Experience Of Writing

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The experience of writing my first essay.
Many people have different experiences in the area of writing but why I had difficulties when I wrote my first essay. Well, all started when I was studying English on another state. I didn’t know even how to write an essay because back home I didn’t do a lot of essays before I graduated from high school. This was a new adventures for me because I tried my best but I still felt that I was doing not so well. Also, it was my first time writing in another language so it was very changeling for me and complicated on the same time. However, I did not give up and I proved myself that I will do but it didn’t work and it was worst and worst every day. Moreover, the professor gave me back my essay and he told
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I started from the basic steps of an essay and it was the only way to learned something new. My teacher was always giving examples of different essay or asking questions to each person in the class and see if the learned how to do it or if we had another question regarding the essay. This was a really good method of teaching because I was encouraged to learn more each day I was in writing class. For example, my first essay was so bad because I really didn’t pay attention to what he was saying but after the commented and the revised from him I knew that I needed to change my way of seeing this class. It was like that, since that moment, every class I was paying attention to each lecture, or speech that my teacher was giving to improve any skills of the writing part. So if I wanted to do better in my writing I must change my attitude about this …show more content…
At first I was doing my first essay like I was doing back home. It was extremely different even the structure and the techniques. So this was my first mistake. Also, in Latin America is common to write a lot and in the United States is to write the direct things and no more. It was a huge changed but after doing more essay I got used to. To have a good grammar is the primary to have a great essay. Also the order of an essay is the primary things to have but in my case I was not even paying attention to that. For example, when I wrote that essay, I had a lot of run-sentences phrases and a lot of grammar but the schoolteacher told me take your time to revise each mistakes such as, punctuation, grammar, spelling and you will have an excellent essay. Everything he was telling me I was always implementing that on m essay and each commented was very helpful for me and my essay. Thus, if I wanted to do something properly I just needed something to animate

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