Writing Materials Used For Manuscript Essay

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Intro: In this book one can learn many facts and information about the bible they never knew. The book is not about scriptures in specific. It is about back-round information to how people today received God’s word. The reader gets to see just how important the text is and the effort to preserve the word of God. In this book the reader will find out the types of writing materials used for manuscript. The languages used in the text. Whether text was written in print or cursive. Discoveries where and when scripts were found. Criticisms of the New Testament. Books that were written but are not included in the Bible.
Summary: Chapter one consist of the important writing materials that include leather, papyrus, parchment and vellum. The New Testament books were written with papyrus and parchment paper, while the Old Testament was written on leather because of the time period. In the second chapter of the book the author talks about the original languages the Bible was written in. Also he writes about the order that the books of the Bible are put in. The languages he speaks of are Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and Aramaic. The New Testament was written in Greek, again because of the time period. In the third chapter the author writes about type of script the New Testament was written in. There are two types of script the books were written in which are uncials or minuscule. Uncials, meaning large letters. Minuscule, meaning small letters.

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