Writing Is Harder Than You Think Essays

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Writing is Harder Than You Think
My writing process is not the best and it can be improved in many ways. I procrastinate until I really have to do it and then I get lost and I still don’t know what to write. Writing essays has never been my favorite so the writing process has always been hard for me. My writing process is not what I want it to be but I plan to make it better by stop procrastinating.
First I receive the assignment and I think about what I’m going to write about. When AJ assigns our essay I think about all the possible subjects I could write about that will go with the topic. Usually a 100 different things come to mind but once I start writing I go blank. Even when I brainstorm about the subject and write everything down nothing helps when it comes to the actual writing process. Then I get together with my friends and ask them what they are writing about and when they are going to start. Usually we are all on the same subject about the essays and our non-productive process. The subjects are never really hard and they get easier to write about but still I over think it.
Then I wait until I have written many thesis statements and an outline before I start my draft. As required for class we must turn in a thesis statement and an outline. I usually write my outline the day its due because that what the queen of procrastination does. For the most part I like my outlines because they seem so promising that my essays would be easy to write. After my outline is…

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