Writing II : Working For Money Make People Unhappy Essay

1100 Words Jun 6th, 2016 null Page
Writing II: Working for Money Make People Unhappy Have you ever thought about what the purpose of work? Most people think work is just for making money, but it is wrong. Working is an important part of people’s life. After people graduate they need to find a job because they need money to support their own life. Also, most of them like to choose the work which has higher wage, even if they do not like that job. Nigel Barber Ph.D. in the psychology today said “the problem with money can be simply stated. It is effective at forcing people to go to work but no one likes to be forced. When we feel that others are pulling the strings, we go away mentally. Money saps our internal motivation for work” (Is money the main reason we go to work?). When we just work for money we will lose the significance of work. Even the people who have lots of money, they still cannot buy happiness. People are working for money is the primary reason that make them unhappy, and people should work for themselves. Proponents of the opposing view argue that working for money make people unhappy, many think, money can push people work herder. A health psychologist Melanie Greenberg Ph.D. said, “Having more money can cushion the effect of life stresses and transitions, giving people more options and resources. Money can pay for childcare, therapy, medications, or vacations to help people cope” (Is Money the Secret to Happiness?) Some people said the money is important for our life because money can…

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