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Writing Resource Guide
Version 1.0, Fall 2002 By Lucy Honig

Introduction Writing for the MPH: A W/Rite of Passage A message to BUSPH students Useful writing references for SPH students The writing process: some practical tips Common problems The Paramedic Method of editing Referencing: Styles of citation Citation of electronic sources A note about plagiarism Using direct quotations and paraphrases Boston University writing resources 6 9 10 15 21 25 27 29 31 2 3

Public health professionals write all the time. Writing is an important tool for bringing about changes in policy, practice, public understanding, and health behaviors. You may create exciting and effective methods for addressing these matters, but if
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She considers it a work in progress and welcomes suggestions for future editions. I hope you will take the time to thoroughly review this guide, and I suggest you keep it handy so that you may refer to it as you tackle your writing assignments. Leonard Glantz Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


Writing for the MPH: a W/Rite of Passage
A message to BUSPH students A recent BUSPH graduate compared her experience writing an International Health paper with an arduous ocean voyage. It was the year of the film "Titanic" and images of shipwreck and disaster plagued her all along the way, but she finally reached the other shore, safe, satisfied, and ready to begin anew. With that metaphor in mind, I urge you to think of the writing that you do for the MPH degree as an engine that drives your crossing from public health student to public health professional. Many SPH course writing assignments assist you in this transition. You will likely be expected to write scholarly research papers, critical analyses, and argumentative essays, as well as reports on your field practice experience. Courses may also require that you write funding proposals, briefing papers, study designs, recommendations for interventions, policy analyses,

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