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When I began the writing for writing #4, I knew that I wanted to write something about school. At first, I had begun a paper about ‘School Refusal’ then decided to write about reading because although some people despise it, I always find myself enjoying a book 's pages. I decided that I wanted to write a paper that shows to haters that reading can be something of enjoyment. In the paper, I am very pleased with the amount of detail that I placed into the piece but I know that some of the ideas are a bit jumbled, not really making sense. This paper was hard because there is so many words which can be omitted or are too vague, but I don’t know how to change them. I tried to include more transitional words that would allow for the paper to flow and also freshen up some of the simple grammar mistakes. Along with working on the transitional sentences I wanted to make my style more original. All of the mentor writings presented to us doing class included a lot of their own style I want to be able to develop a more concrete style that is my own; one that isn’t always changing with every new paper. Frankly, I know that my grammar needs a lot of work and I am working on that in my free time. I would prefer if the feedback given is more directed toward my style/ ideas, transitions, and sentence fluency.

Stacy Kabenda


Advanced Composition

09 February 2015

A Book isn’t Going to Kill You

Reading is not as bad as everyone makes it…

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