Writing Experience Vs. English Essay

822 Words Mar 14th, 2016 4 Pages
English 101 has been an eye opening writing experience compared to my prior English courses. I learned how to edit various steps in my process of composing an essay to be able to revise the essay effectively before the deadline.The class was also required to create a schedule which outlined the various steps in the writing process. This schedule helped me to complete the essay with sufficient time to revise and peer edit and decreased the stress of being able to finish the essay on the deadline. Throughout English 101, I have learned various things that have increased my overall writing ability throughout the winter quarter. In the first microtheme, I outlined my writing goal for the winter quarter. This goal stated I would like to compose the essays assigned in English 101 according to a concrete plan explained in the microtheme to write to the best of my ability. Although I was unable to follow specific steps in my plan, I was able to complete this goal throughout the quarter by evolving my plan while writing each essay to coincide with my schedule. Steps that I unable to complete due to lack of a sufficient amount of time included creating a basic outline the day the assignment was given, getting at least three peer edits throughout writing the essay, and begin writing the essay a few days after the assignment was presented. For example, while writing the third argument essay, I encountered problems with source material, and had to research for a longer period of time…

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