Writing Essays : Not Always For Me

759 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Writing Essays was not always for me. Before this class, I didn’t know how to incorporate outside sources in order to use them in my academic writing. But now, I have grown as a writer by knowing how to write with vivid details in every essay such as the whole process, argumentative, and the time limit essay.
My whole process essay was difficult. Also it was one of my favorite essays. My whole process essay provides me with an opportunity to tell a story about myself, and also helped me develop my academic writing skills. One of my strengths in my essay was providing details. For example, I talk about my experiences in school when I first came into the United States. However my major challenge was writing a correct thesis. It was unclear for the first time when I wrote my essay. After I received feedback and revise the essay, I improved in that area. My thesis went from being unclear to: “Ninth grade was my first year here in the United States and as an English learner; I had to face many obstacles from both students and the teachers”. Now I understand how to write a clear thesis in order to write an academic essay. Even though my whole process essay was hard, it helped me improve my writing skills.
On the other hand, my argumentative essay was the most challenging pieces of work this semester. I talk about causes and consequences of hunger. My points were lack of job, food waste, and less food programs. I used the video “Hunger Hits its Home” to demonstrate my points. As…

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