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Writing Life
"This sucks!" That is what I would have said a couple of years ago. Writing has become more important to me in the last couple of years. When I was younger, I would write here and there of just stories, but when it came to writing an assignment, I never wanted to do it. From when I was young to now I still have not written a great mass. I tend to struggle to complete my own works, but when it came to school all I needed to do was research in order to write what I felt was a decent paper. I learned through the years that everything is setting me up to be a great writer and some day I hope to publish a book or a short story.
When I was younger I hoped that I could publish one of my stories, but I never could finish one. I would do a bit of writing in school, mostly stories. I did not do much writing in my free time though. I did not have an acceptable attention span. If I could have written all the stories that I imagined there would be a library full of weird and poorly write stories. It was school that tried to take my work to another level; it succeeded.
A great deal of my teachers, when I was younger, told me I had a great imagination. Frequently that imagination would cause my papers to be dramatically longer or even late for the date, but they did not mind, except one. Ms. Nette, my teacher for sixth grade to eighth grade, admired my imagination, but said I needed to stop being as descriptive, that is what caused me to take as long and be as long. I…

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