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Writing has never been easy, but the more years of practicing writing the easier it seems to get. To every great writing piece there is always a great writing process. Some process may be very structured and some may be a spur of the moment type process or others may be in between.
My process has always been the spur of the moment type. Where some have to plan and plan what they are going to write about or say, I find it easier to just start writing and go from there. The rest just comes to me. This process for me is the best my life is not exactly structured. My job requires me to be at work from 8am to 5pm sometimes to 8pm. This means there is never a set time for me to study do exams, or write
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One thing that makes writing essays easy for me is when I can write about myself; this makes every subject relatable because I can write about what it truly means to me. When I have writer’s block it is usually when an essay cannot be about me or something that I have made up like in a creative writing essay. I get writer’s block mostly when a report is required, sometimes it is hard to find what to search first and how do report my search findings. When I do find myself in this predicament, it is sometimes difficult to overcome. My way of getting over the writer’s block is to step away from the computer, turn off all other distractions, including phone television and radio. After I do this I then start researching diligently and start to type what I find little by little. This sometimes takes 5 minutes it sometimes can take up to 50 minutes, but I do get over the writer’s block. Another strategy that helps with writer’s block is when finding a favorite place to write like at a desk, at the library, or like my favorite place, the bed. For me, my favorite place to write is being on my comfortable bed under the covers with my throw pillows propped behind my back is my idea of a writing sanctuary. This is the place that I can be by myself and comfortable which calls for amazing writing sessions. The hardest part of the writing process for me is when I have to actually sit and take the time to type on a computer to express all of my thoughts. For me personally I would rather just talk and tell someone my essay instead of writing it all down. Maybe one day that will be acceptable or I will find some sort of scribing app that way I can babble off my essay to a machine instead of manually typing the essay. I do admit writing has come a long way for me. I could still be hand writing my essays like

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