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DATE: January 26, 2013
TO: Sunny Ray, Vice President Client Services, Grace Kennedy, Vice President Marketing, Summer Breeze, Vice President Creative Services
FROM: Mark Hamilton
SUBJECT: Roanoke Branch Update
A situation has arisen at the Roanoke branch office whereby there has been some amount of discontent among the staff. The problem began after a recent change of staff at the management level; apparently some members of the creative department which includes graphic artists and copywriters have since complained that their work is not being well received by the new management personnel. Additionally, four clients of the branch have complained about
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We will meet the next day to review the reports and then have a formal executive meeting on February 18, 2013 in the main conference room to discuss implementation of the recommendations and the strategies to be employed for the Roanoke branch. The successful operation of the Roanoke branch is vital to the overall success of the company so it’s in our collective best interest to work efficiently and expeditiously to resolve the current situation.
Executive team:
Gregory Forest, President
Earl Havens, Chief Executive
Walter Mellon, Chairman
Sunny Ray, Vice President Client Services
Grace Kennedy, Vice President Marketing and Business Development
Summer Breeze, Vice President Creative Services
Ronnie Cash, Vice President Finance


TO: rock.stone@phoenixad.com
CC: ronnie.cash@phoenixad.com
SUBJECT: Request for Payroll Statement and Compensation /Benefits Package Policy
Dear Rock,
In light of the prevailing situation at the Roanoke Branch as it relates to the discontent amongst the staff due to longer work hours last month. I need you to provide me with payroll statements from the branch for the last 12 months. Since you are responsible for salary and employee benefits you are the right person for this task. I also need you to provide me with a summary of the agency policies and the branch polices as it relates to overtime and compensation/benefits package. The information you provide will help

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