Writing Assignment : Argument About Art Essay examples

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Final Draft of Writing Assignment: Arguing about Art Scientifically, humans have five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch; adding on intuition as the sixth sense according to today’s Psychology (What are the six senses?). An image or music that triggers these senses of ours is my interpretation of art. Arts comes many different forms: paintings, murals, photographs, dances, fashions to food decorations. A work of art provokes thoughts and evokes emotions like sentimental feelings or nostalgic memories. Moreover, a piece that does not leave you with a lasting thought, mesmerize because of its beauty nor does it change your mood, that is not called “a work of art.” My creation is a photo taken by my smartphone, of the Newport Beach shore, as the sun is setting beyond the oceanic horizon. As you look closely, you begin to see just slightly above the sunset a soaring seagull spreading its wings wide opened. You cannot taste or touch my piece, but it is indeed visible to the naked eye. The sound of waves and the smell of salt waters may occur subconsciously to the human mind. What types of person qualifies to judge a work or art? You can obviously see the difference between a personal family photograph to images produced by a professional photographer. From the BetterPhoto website, Contest Guidelines: How to Win a Photo Contest, presents several recommendations: lighting, balanced composition, sharpness, appropriate exposure, to having the…

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