Essay Writing Assignment 1

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Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Writing Assignment 1

A paper submitted to Dr. Rick Garner
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course
Discipleship Ministries
DSMN 500

Hershel L. Kreis, Jr.

November 4, 2012
Toano, Virginia

While there are those who may be uncomfortable with the idea that worship is a goal in making disciples, the goal of Christian education according to Mitchell is to make a disciple who worships Jesus. Mitchell points out that worship is more than just showing up at church on Sunday morning for an hour of corporate worship. He points out that worship according to John 4:19 -24 goes much deeper than just that time of corporate worship that we often think of as
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This spiritual formation grows at an individual rate depending on the amount of overall Christian education received, either through formal or informal means. The informal Christian education is often thought of as being discipleship in the truest sense of the word.
When many think of discipleship, they think of the situation where a mature Christian pours themselves into the life of a less mature Christian in a mentoring role in an informal fashion. The term discipleship has a broad range of meanings in the church today according to Collinson including encouraging a Christian lifestyle, referring to the relationship between a believer and Christ, and helping new believers grow in the spiritual disciplines. A simpler definition may be that “discipleship means following after Jesus and doing what He says to do.” But discipleship is also seen as a calling, not a program or profession, and a daily living with Jesus. But, the Bible refers to a disciple in three different ways. In the first use of the word, it is nothing more than a person being educated by a teacher, such as in Matthew 10:24 and 13:52.

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