Writing Anything Is Hard By My Writing Essay

830 Words May 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Writing anything is hard. Before this class I never gave any real thought to my writing I did it because it was something I was told to do. Although writing can be a difficult process, this class helped me to better my writing be teaching me how to better manage my time, use technology, and to be more confident in my writing. Many students lack the skills it takes to manage time when it comes to homework assignments. What I learned is waiting till the last minute to write your papers isn 't going to help you become a better writer, sure you 'll hand the assignment in and might even possibly get a decent grade, but you 're writing itself will never improve. What I really liked about this class is how we made time in class to thoroughly discuss our essays before we actually began to write it. We had plenty of time to write and revise each essay, it was just getting up and getting the strength to do it. I liked how we would always spend at least a day planning what we were going to write by making an outline, and discussing all the different ways we could possibly go with the prompt. The topic was always an open ended question, so there were many possible thesis statements you could generate out of the prompts, which was nice because it left your imagination to come up with every possible direction you could go with it. But sometimes, for me anyways, that itself got to be a bit of a struggle with all the different ideas that crossed my mind it was hard for my to choose which…

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