Writing And Writing Of Writing Essay examples

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Growing up I have always enjoyed writing, I view writing as the most effective way to tell your true feeling, because sometimes telling how you feel to someone that person can rebut or cut in to what you saying. Writing makes what you want to say come across exactly how you mean it and how you want it to come across
In my current stage in life I do not like writing in any form not even texting. When I think about writing or have to do a writing assignment I get poignant memories and it just makes the whole experience terrible. When I look back I loved to write I can remember my first memory of writing. When I was in kindergarten I did my first book report. It was done on a page with four large boxes and in each box I would draw and write a sentence or two about the book in the for boxes. This is when I first learned the power of writing and how there is another way to convey how you feel instead of speaking. From then on I enjoyed writing discovered my personal view on it, it is a way to exactly tell what you mean and how you want it to be view by others. I can also remember learning how to write bye carefully tracing over the perforated lines making a letter, and when I got the letter right my teacher would give me a big sparkly sticker. I was so excited and could not wait to learn other letters.
My feelings toward writing started to well decline when I went to high school and had a teacher that just took the joy away from writing. Somehow she was able to take away the joy…

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