Essay Writing And Writing Of Writing

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On Writing in School

Most students groan when they hear about a writing assignment even some adults feel the same sense of dread when hearing those two words. They feel as though they have better things to do with their time, or with their brain power. These students know that they would rather go out and spend time with friends or family then to have to write a thousand word essay. I admit I was once one of these people, I was someone who struggled to find the motivation to write, to find the need to write. And honestly it is something that I struggle with to this day though in a smaller capacity than I once did . It was not until my junior year of highschool that I found my love of writing and became someone who was excited about writing assignments.
Writing in school was not always a simple process for me. I used to tense up when I heard those two words I hated having to sit down and write out multiple pages on subjects that I did not care about. From first grade to my sophomore year of highschool I hated writing in school. Essays were akin to torture for me, having to sit down and spend my time doing something that I did not want to was agonizing. I would often look out of my window longingly at my beautiful back yard, or at the Playstation that sat to the right of me, thinking that it would be such a better use of my time to not be writing. Essays became less about actual content or quality and became more about word count and length. Such as my essay in my Sophomore…

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