Essay Writing And The 33 Things I Learned

806 Words Dec 9th, 2014 4 Pages
This class has been like an unopened book with no title: you have no idea what 's in-store, but you know you 're going to learn something. That was the general consensus I had for this class at the beginning of the semester. Naturally because it was one of my required classes I didn’t think to much of it little did I know this would be one of my most knowledgeable classes I’ve had the pleasure of taking this semester. Now I’ve taken many communication classes and the bulk of what I have taken so far didn’t require hands on work it mainly consisted of reading, learning, and memorizing. While this class did consist of similar and many of the same concepts there is one extra piece to the puzzle I got to enjoy, which was “applying” the information, I learned. This class started out with nothing but concepts based around that book I read and the 33 things I learned. In the beginning the book didn’t seem as useful until those concepts started popping up in the work we did in lab. The work with the magazine cover is what really started to bring the concepts I learned into full perspective. While yes the Magazine Cover was a launch pad to learn how to use photoshop and indesign it was also a time to learn and see what concepts are brought to life in the real world. By picking out a magazine and recreating it I got the opportunity to actually see how these concepts are used in the real world. Again until I was in the process of working on the project I didn’t know what was…

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