Writing And Reading From High School Essay

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In high school I was exposed to a lot of writing and reading from grades nine all the way through twelve. I learned how to write through literature for the most part but I also learned by building from the ground up. Through high school from freshman year through senior year we wrote 2-3 papers a semester. In my high school English class we did a lot of learning and writing through textbooks, and novels, and what was going on in the world around us. We wrote a lot of papers after reading a novel about what we thought about either the book or how the character responded. We also did a lot of research papers on current events each year I took English. I also did a research paper every year for four years of high school. Most of the papers I wrote were usually 1000 words or more. The research papers were usually either 5-8 pages long and had to be a 1000 words or more and just having a picture on a page didn’t count. In English class the drafts depended on what type of paper we were writing. If it was a research paper I know I did about 5 drafts before I turned my final copy in. For a 2-3 page paper maybe one draft and that was all. The only time I would turn in a hand written paper is if it was a one-page summary about something we read that had to be due before the end of class. Any other paper I wrote was typed out almost 95% of the time. We typed everything because are teachers believed that we would only turned typed papers in in college not hand written papers. When I…

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