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Writing and Myself | Matthew McMahonUNIV104-1402B-18: Academic and Career SuccessJune 22, 2014 |

When I first enrolled into this course, I felt all different kinds of emotions and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from UNIV104. I would have thoughts in my head leading up to this class spinning in my head every night before the first day. Some thoughts like, “Maybe this will be my best class!” and “This class will be easy because I love writing!” were good thoughts that helped me boost my confidence about my college course. Other thoughts loomed in my head as well such as, “Do I really belong in this class?”, and “I’m probably going to fail this class with just one assignment!” Such thoughts as these brought my spirits and gave
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My teachers would tell me that they understood what I was trying to write, but maybe I should try to be more formal. I understood that while I tried to write formally, I never understood what they meant by what was formal and what wasn’t formal. Now I think that what they meant was which audience I was writing my papers for. There would be times where I would write something amazing down but not target the right audience, which were my English teachers. This made writing for me very difficult in my English classes and I was constantly asking for help from others to overlook my papers.

In UNIV104, I think one of the most important things I have learned so far is that when I start writing, I usually don’t have a definite idea of where I am going. Back in high school, my English teachers would always tell me that the only way I can really get the main idea across is with a thesis statement at the start of a paper. While it was easy for most of my friends to come up with a clear thesis statement, I found myself struggling with this concept at times. What I have found through the writing assignments and the reading responses is that my main ideas are often unclear at first, but as I get to the end of a draft, they become clearer. As I write more, I begin to focus on an idea and my essay begins to make more sense. In many cases, I could take ideas from the end of a draft and bring

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