Essay about Writing And Critical Thinking Skills

842 Words Nov 29th, 2015 4 Pages
English Composition is a general education courses designed to improve both writing and critical thinking skills. This course has forced me to become not only a better writer but also more socially active, as essays in this course often incorporated some social aspect in which to display one’s comprehension of essay writing. Task to write several essays during this course, I have a better understanding now of both my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to college writing.
Let me start by saying that formatting a paper was never this hard in high school. Only time will tell if I have finally grasped the correct MLA formatting style required in English Comp essay writing. In high school, we mostly wrote works of fiction or poetry. Our work was graded more on creative concept and proper grammar than anything else. This course has forced me out of that comfort zone, and I’m learning to write in a much more business-like style. Using ‘Insert’ to get the header onto a paper was something I never used before this course. But the MLA format does look professional, and a professional writing presentation is key to making a good impression. The MLA format is something I’m sure I’ll use in other courses going forward, so it’s good to know.
Introductions is another thing I thought I had down completely, but again, it seems I had only a high-school-level understanding of it. There are different standards for introductions when writing papers in college. For one thing, I learned…

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