Writing An Essay Can Be Intimidating

1221 Words Oct 20th, 2015 null Page
Writing an essay can be intimidating. There are many steps that you must follow that it can be overwhelming before you can say that you are finished. Moreover, writing takes a long time, which many people do not have. Not to mention the controversy of writing it out by hand or typing it on the computer, which both have their benefits. But do not worry, my extensive online research on writing and the Workload 57 Rhetoric & Handbook will explain how to correctly brainstorm, draft, review, revise, edit, and proofread in detail. Before any writing, it is highly recommended that you start off brainstorming. The goal of brainstorming —prewriting, cluster, outline, whatever you want to call it—is to generate a main idea, produce supporting details, and to organize your ideas logically. Without these steps of brainstorming, your reader will not have a splendid time reading. In my writing experience, brainstorming by hand is the best way, because using the computer can cause you to procrastinate on the internet; however, you can use the computer to gather information about your writing topic. First, you should get your ideas organized by either making individual circles that represents each paragraph or using roman numerals to number your paragraphs. By doing this, you will have a clear and formulated plan to begin your essay. Each paragraph has a main idea or topic sentence, which is the central point of the paragraph explaining what the text is about. With the main idea comes the…

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