Writing A Well Articulated And Coherent Paper On The Academic Writing

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Academic and research writing has always remained a challenging subject in my academic career. Writing a well-articulated and coherent paper on the academic subject matter is a thought-provoking process, and I always struggled with it. As an international student, when I commenced my studies abroad in English, the language barrier increased the difficulty in writing. The Composition 111 has been a significant milestone in my journey to learn academic writing in English. The course with its detailed learning goals has introduced the concepts of articulated and comprehensive writing which are essential ingredients of successful papers. The course has facilitated my understanding of writing mechanics and has helped me to gain insights into successful writing with practical examples and essays. The class has not just been about lectures and reading materials; bust goes beyond to the application of these learned concepts in producing effective pieces of writing. I became familiar with different types of essays like argumentative essays, analytical essays, and informative essays and how these differ in their structure and writing techniques. In this reflective essay, I will present that Composition 111 has facilitated my understanding of grammar mechanics, thesis statement, structure, language, and drafting and proofreading the essay and the learning reflects in my initial and revised drafts of ‘Change, ' ‘The dictionary’, and ‘Ar rass’ essay.
The first evidence of the learning…

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