Writing A Letter From The Future Essay

708 Words May 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
I’m writing you a letter from the future. Well actually it’s not a letter at all, it’s an assignment that I’ve disguised to look like a letter. So I lied to you, deal with it, I’ve been lying to myself for years. This piece of writing here is a reflection. Past Thos, I know you hate reflections, I do to, but this right here is the best reflection you’ll ever write. You’re about to have an interesting semester. Not only because your body is going to fall a part all of a sudden, but because you’re going to learn a lot about your writing. I remember going into to Writing 101 the second semester of my second year felt a little strange at first. I knew I would be a few years older than most of the other people in the class and probably have more college experience than most as well. I feared the class would be heavily geared towards second semester freshman that it would never grab my interest or attention. My previous writing class, which was over a year prior, I strongly remember how much it felt like a high school class. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pieces we were going to be reading were for the most part good! And not at all directed towards a young, freshman, audience. Now my writing going into this class was not at it’s best. I felt burnt out on writing. There was a time, back in my sophomore year of high school where I loved writing. I could write a 20 page paper no problem, the words would flow, and the final product would actually be something…

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