Writing A Customer Service Strategy Essay

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Task 1.
Provide a detailed written response outlining the process you would follow to undertake this task?
In writing a customer service strategy there is a lot of thinking involved which is critical to the development of a strong service culture. First step along the way will be to define the customer service mission, this will define the short term and long term goals that needs to be followed across the organisation to fulfil the company’s objectives. I will study the customers and see what they expect from the organisation regarding their needs and wants. What problems can they encounter and are they solvable by the customer service representatives. For this past data of customer interactions will be analyzed. I will define goals for customer service which are achievable and make sure that the policy implements a process if which the representatives of the company can be held accountable for lack of performance. I will observe the current practices at the organisation and see how the company trains its service representatives for good customer service. These trainings should be held in routine to make employees capable to serve the customers in a better way. A set protocol to deal with certain behaviors by the customers should be an integral part of the customer service strategy as well. Finally, good examples of customer services should be rewarded to motivate the staff to strive for making the customers happy with the company.
Develop a customer service strategy…

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