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English Writing Reflection.

English has always been one of my favorite subjects along with writing. At a

young age I remember always writing childish stories, and comic books. In second grade

I even won a writers competition. Writing has always been a part of my life. I keep a

journal to write important events happening in my life and I like to write poems as well.

However, during my high school years writing essays became more complex. For some

reason I couldn’t seem to fully understand the different techniques you need in order to

write a successful essay. English 49 being my first English college class was at

first a bit overwhelming. I felt somewhat intimidated. I thought I didn’t had thev enough
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Even then, I feel I lacked into giving more detail.

Moreover, in the same argumentative essay I didn’t give a strong point that

supported my main point. “ In the article, “We’re fatter but Not Smarter,” Shannon

Brownlee, states how Elliott Bloom became with the idea of “smart research” a survey

that indicates what type of consumers are eating the most at Taco Bell restaurants. By

doing surveys like this, it gives an idea to the fast food chain industries of what

demographic group to attack.” My main point was on how marketing strikes the health of

Americans. It wasn’t a strong point because many companies do this. I needed to be more

specific so I changed that point into something else. “In the article, “We’re Fatter but Not

Smarter,” Shannon Brownlee, states how the CEO of the Taco Bell franchise John Martin

wanted to obtain a larger portion of their loyal consumers. Martin decided to make the

food production more simple to make and reduced the main menu prices below from

their competitors. This way they would have more customers. When corporations such as

Taco Bell decide to make marketing strategies like this, it makes the consumer think their

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getting more for their money. When in fact their getting an unhealthy diet.” This was a

more stronger supportive point, because I’m

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