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FSU Winner
Florida State’s Caitlin Quinn has been named the NSCA’s Assistant Strength Coach of the Year. Critical Condition
A California high school football player is in critical condition after suffering neck and spinal cord injuries during a game. State Total
More than 4,400 middle and high school student-athletes in Massachusetts suffered head injuries last year, according to reports filed by the schools.
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ACL Surgery
Athletes undergoing ACL reconstructive surgery are more likely to need a second surgery within six years if a transtibial technique is used. Clavicle Fractures
Athletes suffering displaced midshaft clavicle fractures have a high return-to-play rate, but the time frame varies significantly, a new study shows. NHL Lawsuit
Ten former players are suing the NHL, alleging the league failed to protect them from head injuries and educate them on the dangers. Rose’s Options
A leading orthopedic surgeon talks about the knee surgery options NBA star Derrick Rose faced after suffering his second meniscus tear in as many seasons. Anemia Mystery
Researchers claim to have

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