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So you know, when writing my introduction I thought the prompt was referring to whether Brutus was a betrayer or patriot to Caesar. After creating the outline I considered it might only be referring to whether Brutus was a betrayer or patriot to Rome.
First Draft Worksheet
Instructions: Copy and paste the following text into a document or create a document that contains the same information.
Using your essay in response to the unit's writing prompt, complete the following steps to improve your essay.
Insert your introductory paragraph with your central claim. Include any revisions your instructor asked you to make.

Swiftly the blade slides out and plunges through flesh. Warm blood oozes from the wound and covers the
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Brutus was kneeling before Caesar, looking right at him, and he killed him. “Et tu, Brutè?--Then fall, Caesar.” Caesar had no idea what was going to happen when they went to the Senate. He was glad to have all of his friends there to escort him. Caesar believed returned the love he had for them. However, as all six swords were driven into his belly, he realized he was mistaken. Caesar was most surprised to see his beloved friend, Brutus, to have betrayed him. He never expected to be killed by someone he loved and thought loved him back. Brutus was a betrayer. He killed Caesar, his loyal, benevolent friend and future ruler of
Rome. While conspiring against Caesar, Brutus deceived him by pretending they were still best friends. Brutus said he loved Caesar and then stabbed him with the rest of the conspirators. He didn’t want to kill Caesar, yet he decided it was the best thing for Rome. Caesar loved Brutus and he loved Rome. However, Brutus did not trust Caesar with the power he was about to receive. Brutus thought Caesar, who distributed all of his money equally to the citizens of Rome, could not be trusted. As the blood poured from the wounds in his belly, Caesar died. He was betrayed by his friend, by one he thought he could trust, by Brutus.
Highlight each part of your body paragraphs as follows:

Green = Claim
Yellow = Counterclaim
Red = Refuted counterclaim
Based on your highlighting, what are the areas of your argument that

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