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By Mary Poffenroth
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Having a basic understanding of scientific principles helps us to decide whom to trust and find the quality resources we need. Good research practices help prevent us from falling into ignorance and increase our ability to live happy, healthy lives. Basically, science is just awesome!

Auditory delivery of science communication can be a great way to help share information. Although it is not the best to use for paper citations, it can be great way to find leads on additional resources. Science uses the same audio delivery channels as other genres. Podcasts, live/ streaming webcasts, audiobooks, recorded lectures, or recordings of previous live presentations/speaker events are the most common formats used. If you are struggling for inspiration on your topic, check out audio resources from experts in that field. They can be an abundant resource for background information or what is new and novel in the field. VIDEOS/ANIMATIONS:
Videos and animations come in all different varieties. Some are funny, some are informative, some tell a story, and some are just the facts.
Videos and animations can help illuminate concepts around your topic and improve your understanding of the subject as a whole. They can give you a glimpse into the world of working scientists and show you worlds beyond your imagination. You can get a front row seat to the world’s most renowned experts and watch those experts debate each other on your topic. Videos and animations allow us a

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