Write An Essay On The Galveston Hurricane Of 1900

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The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 The Galveston hurricane of 1900 is a very powerful storm that killed many people. Lots of people were killed that day. No one was ever warned by the great storm. Today if there was a hurricane coming or a tornado warning. The weather man would tell us where to go and what to bring. Back in the 19 century there was no alert or a instruments to tell us if the hurricane attacks when, where, what time. We use instruments to tell us about the hurricane. The barometer is a type of instruments that helps us measure atmospheric pressure or the air pressure. Barometer was created in 1643 by the Italian scientist Evangelista Torricelli. He was a brilliant scientist. The news man in the news during the time of the hurricane told the people to evacuate the …show more content…
Have you ever gone to the country and saw a picture of a rooster standing on a wind cup? Those are one of many design of the anemometer. Leonardo da Vinci invented the anemometer in 1483. People use those to find how fast or how strong the wind goes. If the wind speed is high then it is probably a hurricane is coming. The wind speed was 140 mph. Winds reaching up to that speed will probably destroy a house and flood the whole city.it was devastating for the whole country. The U.S.A has to pay 8 million dollars to repair Galveston. The rain gauge was commonly used to measure water. The rain gauge was very helpful to the people of Galveston. They were used to find how much rain was poured. King Sejong the Great invented the rain gauge in 1418.It also tells us if it’s going to flood and maybe tells us if there is a hurricane coming our way. How much rain poured in Galveston was 610 mm (24 in) about 15 ft.

It is important to watch the news every morning and always get a ready kit full of food, water extra batteries, torch, First Aid Kit, plus a radio. If a hurricane comes in your way be safe and stay

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