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Starbucks continuously strives to differentiate itself from the likes of other coffee competitors. The vision of Howard Shultz to push the company in a direction that brings workers, customers, and coffee together proved successful. Starbucks created a “third place” for people to relax and enjoy coffee away from work and home life (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014, p.519). In addition, Starbucks provided convenience through expansion in grocery stores and new cities. These company changes molded a customer following that is loyal to the Starbucks brand today.

It is no secret that Starbucks aims to keep longstanding relationships with workers and customers. Through experiences abroad, Shultz created the “third place” to provide a satisfying coffee experience for customers to enjoy daily (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). Shultz’s vision sought to join people together
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519). Starbucks raised the bar by cobranding with companies to enter into the retail arena. Companies such as Dreyer and Jim Beam worked with Starbucks to spread the brand into retail stores (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). With a constant drive to open more stores in locations near and far, Starbucks opened stores within blocks of each other and in other countries. In the article Starbucks Corporation – Accelerated Growth Plan (2014), company plans to expand and create thousands of stores overseas is discussed. “The accelerated growth plan aimed to increase the number of retail stores with the target being to have over 20,000 retail stores on six continents by 2014” (Starbucks Corporation, 2014). Importantly, stores overseas are based on the Starbucks vision, but influenced by the country’s culture. By implementing food preferences associated with the country, Starbucks strengthened and built relationships with customer

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