Wrigley Advertisements

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Methods: For this research paper I acquired all my advertising images from the internet. I found most of my images in November 2015. I was able to get some of the older images from vintagebrowser.com as well as vintage ad sellers such as ebay.com. I also found some through google pictures and Pinterest. I have one commercial which I found on YouTube.
Since there were so many advertisements to choose from, I tried to pick one from approximately every decade. I choose these issues because I wanted to look at the significant change in Wrigley advertising through the years and through different time eras. I also wanted to include the woman’s role in the making of Wrigley’s add and how they were portrayed. (Although not all of the ads I used have
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It has a black and white photo of the face of a beautiful young lady. She is posing behind an umbrella with a big smile showing her perfect teeth. There is a pack of double mint gum on the ad and the lettering says, “Rain or shine, Double mint gum helps keep your facial contour young and lovely.”
The next add was made during WWII. Wrigley’s gum was no longer available to buy during the war because supplies were rationed. However, advertising continued with many Remember this Package adds. This ad has a picture of a pack of Wrigley’s gum and a few words to remind folks that Wrigley’s gum was not gone forever and it would return when the war was over.
Skipping to the 1960’s, this is once again an ad with a woman on it. This time, however, it is showing the side and back of her face versus the front. She is sporting a hairstyle that has a few curls and combed back. Her hair is most likely short because there is no bun. She is wearing a thin, narrow scarf or necktie knotted at the back of her neck. The side view is drawing attention to her cheek line. The writing on top says, “A graceful cheekbone depends very much upon chewing.” The ad is complete with two packs of Wrigley’s double mint gum displayed in the
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With more people traveling by airplane, Wrigley uses this as an opportunity to put out flying related ads. This ad has a picture of a pack of spearmint gum in the middle with a heading that says, “Carry-on Luggage.” For the O in the word ‘on’ it has a no smoking symbol. The cost of the pack of gum is 25 cents.
In 2001 Wrigley’s made an advertisement that highlighted the “Extra” branch of Wrigley’s gum. This add is very simple, but to the point. The background is solid sky blue color with a white toothbrush in the center. On the brush is a piece of gum, rippling in waves instead of toothpaste. The words at the bottom say, “Extra Sugar free-Take care of your teeth.”
The last advertisement is a commercial from this October of this year. It is titled, the story of Sarah and Juan. It is a love story of a boy and girl starting in high school. It takes you through their love story moment by moment from when they first lock eyes until when he proposes. At different times through their blossoming romance, the girl would give the boy a piece of extra gum and each time the boy would save the wrapper and draw a picture of the what they were doing at that moment when she gave it to him. He later used them to propose. In the end it says, “#Give Extra, Get

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