Wright Brothers Legacy Essay

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Emmanuel Campos
Period 5
Orville and Wilbur Wright’s Legacy
The American Legacy of flight pertains to two well known engineers of aviation. From various tests and creations came the first flight in which they created the legacy. The phenomenal creation of the control system in aircrafts from the Wright Brother’s skills, mechanics, curiosity, understanding, and teamwork changed the world of aviation.
The Wright Brothers made a significant impact to history by achieving the first powered, sustained, and controlled flight. Their improvement on the airplane with rudders, propellers, and an engine made flight for longer periods of time possible. The control system they developed was meant to control yaw, pitch, and roll by “wing
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If not for their curiosity in aviation and their knowledge of flight from birds they would have never made the control system or wing warping to make flight capabilities better on aircrafts. The Kitty Hawk was their first powered aircraft which was a 12-horsepower gasoline engine. With their invention people were now able to navigate through the sky faster and farther to where they wanted to with ease. The Wright Brothers tried to improve and sell their aircraft for other uses. They tried selling it to the U.S war department and Europe. Production rates and selling rates did not rise until the Wright Brothers toured both the U.S and Europe. The Wright Company was formed due to such high demands of their …show more content…
The creation of the control system which was made through skill, understanding, mechanics, curiosity, knowledge, and teamwork made flight easier to achieve and soon became an important component of aeronautics for later years and creations. We should learn about the Wright Brothers because they were once just simple bike manufacturers, salesmen, and repairmen which came up with an airplane that changed the world of aeronautics forever. Their Legacy of flight should always be remembered because if it were not for them we would still be around the early stages of

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