Wrestling and High School Practices Essay

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Wrestling I started wrestling in sixth grade. Even though I didn’t win one of my first seven matches, I developed into a successful wrestler. In high school I won tournaments and beat high-quality wrestlers. During my junior year I was determined to become a great wrestler. I worked harder than ever and didn’t let anyone stop me. That year I lost the Illinois state wrestling tournament championship match by one point. Over the next six months between my junior and senior season I was runner up at AAU national tournament and wrestled at Disney Land in Florida at the Disney Duals with over 50 other teams and only lost 1 of 8 matches. These are a few of my achievements in high school. Now that I am in college there are many …show more content…
We finished practice with live wrestling. This is when the pace of practice is increased. We would wrestle twelve minutes matches instead of the normal six minutes. We also wrestled what we called a card. A card is for three people. The three people rotate wrestling two goes and sitting out one. Each go would last from thirty seconds to 3 min. After talking to one of my high school wrestling coaches, who wrestled for the University of Illinois, and told me college practice is more like a job and would be the hardest thing I have ever been through. He couldn’t have been more right. In college you don’t start with practice. Before practice starts there is six weeks of preseason. On Monday and Wednesday during preseason we go to the wrestling room and would run a similar trail as in high school to warm up followed by stretching. After stretching we drill set ups at half speed with a partner. Then practice take downs to a finish. Finishing is done at almost full speed. After a half hour Coach will stop and show a new take down or a new finish. Tuesday and Thursday are running days during preseason. We started running a two and a half mile loop on the road circling the school. Part of this run was a half mile long train overpass. After about 2 weeks the run turns in to a three and a half mile run. The extra mile comes from running the overpass twice. The final two weeks of preseason we ran to a park two and a half miles away then

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