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Note book is a mixture of fact, fiction and speculation.
Your task as reader is to discover the truth.
Bradley makes use of historical incidents and real people. He also draws inspiration from other texts. This is called intertextuality. For example he draws on Conrad’s book Heart of Darkness to explore the darkness in man’s heart. His character Kurt parallels Conrad’s Kurtz.
He also quotes from Ondaatje p.37 to develop his idea about maps “whose portraits have nothing to do with surface.” This coupled with his narrative about the explorers in the Age of Colonialism
Develops the idea that reality can be deceptive. It can hold hidden dangers and often are a false premise to start a quest. This links to
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Setting and weather e.g. rain, wind are an important technique in the novel shadowing the emotional state of characters.
Kurt’s story is set against the backdrop of World War 2 and fall of Singapore. The chaos of their world was like the chaos in their personal life. Ironically it was only in midst of this chaos and destruction that Veronica can finally admit her love.
It has been suggested Singapore was symbolic because it heralded the fall of the British Empire which in the historical narratives shows white men triumph over indigenous people and rewrite their history and geography.
THE BEACH SHACK. Was a perfect location for the isolation Kurt craved for his escape from the world. The dilapidated state of the shack represents the physical and moral decay of Kurt. Claire calls it a “sinkhole”
THE SAND DUNES AND SEA. Symbolise the mysterious and uncertain nature of the past – history.
The sand and sea suggest shift and change the remote nature of the dunes reinforce the characters’ isolation and loneliness. The landscape is both beautiful and dangerous as shown by the dead body and the suggestions of landmines during the war years. The very suggestion of a ship wreck shows the dangers present then and now. The sea used for so many journeys can bring wealth, prosperity but can also destroy.

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