Should Americans Be Allowed To Vote

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The question is “Would the United States be a better country if more people voted?” Voting is a great way for us Americans to speak out. In fact, it makes America have an idea on how and what we need to focus more on in order to keep America at its best. However, many Americans tend to not make a move and continue their own daily lives. Therefore, the United States would be a better country if more people voted.
Many Americans today do not realize the history of their own country. To be more specific they do not know the sacrifices people did just have the right to vote. Several years ago not everyone could have the right to vote. By this meaning, only one race could have the right to vote and those were the white people. It did not matter if you were African, Mexican, Asian or even if you look white. If you are not white, you were not allowed to vote.
This made many people who lived in the United States feel useless. They felt like they did not belong to America, even when they said it is a free and a happy country. People who weren 't white felt like animals and were treated like one. They would question themselves as if they were in the right place because politicians would not listen to their own opinion on what they
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How would you want to live like in a couple of years. Would you want to live in a place where everything is completely unfair or lock your houses and not be able to go out because your country is at war. These situations may seem really horrifying, but if the majority does not speak out than we could be in these terrible situations. In addition, how would you want your kids to live like? You don 't want your kids to not be able to go outside unless with a parent or have your kids suffer a respiratory disease because the pollution is really bad. It is always up to us Americans if we want to make the country better or make the country

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