Worship Is God 's Love, Grace, And Mercy Essay

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Worship is God’s initiative to self-disclose to humanity through God’s redemptive acts of love, that amaze us, and invite us to respond in awe, humility, and gratitude while ascribing honor and worth to the one and true God that engages us in a covenantal relationship of love and obedience and gives us the hope of recreation. Worship is the product of experiencing God’s numinous, because God’s love, grace, and mercy are revealed to us.
At that precise moment, our eyes are opened, and a spontaneous response of wonderment happens due to that indescribable encounter with the God-self, which helps us realize how frail we are and how great God is while calling us to enter a redemptive relationship with God that fills us with newness and hope for recreation, through the missio dei of the church.
The disclosure of the God-self gives humanity the opportunity to know the Creator and get close to God. Furthermore, it provides us the possibility to find our place in God’s narrative as we express our gratitude, sing God’s praises, pay homage to God, live in relationship with God and set a place apart for God, where we meet as a community to celebrate God’s mighty deeds and respond to God’s acts through our practices and ordinances.
For centuries, believers focused on the response to God in ways that allowed them to experience God’s mystery through “sign-acts,” while developing a covenantal relationship with God. James F. White describes God’s mystery by stating: “We can speak of the…

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