Worship And The New Testament Essay examples

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Worship has been oftentimes viewed as a moment of singing during the service where the adoration or praise is high. Worship in the Old Testament was a set of laws, rituals, and routines that were considered a lifestyle. Worship in the Old Testament was, therefore, a lifestyle one lived when serving God. This paper wil expound on Worship in the New Testament according to John 4:23-24. “Worship (Old English ‘weorthscipe’ = ‘worth-ship’) originally referred to the action of human beings in expressing homage to God because he is worthy of it. It covers such activities as adoration, thanksgiving, prayers of all kinds, the offering, sacrifice, and the making of vows.”
Worship in the New Testament takes on a different connotation. “Worship in the New Testament usually means expression of praise or thanksgiving (Luke 17: 15-16)” The Greek words that represent worship include sebasma, sebo, and latreuo. In the New Testament worship became an outward expression of what is happening inwardly.
When one is fully connected to God it becomes easier to do what he desires. He desires to be in relationship with his people. He sent his son into the world so that we would be free from the yoke of bondage, called sin. No longer are we required to go to the priest but we have direct access to God through Jesus Christ, his son. So what does it mean for the Christian post The Cross? It means that worship becomes a more intimate practice. Worship in the New Testament is more personal and…

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