Wormhole Leak Is A Proposed Sci Fi Action Adventure Pilot Essay

1348 Words Jul 18th, 2016 null Page
Wormhole Leak is a proposed sci-fi action-adventure pilot that begins with an interesting premise. The teaser effectively establishes the world - a secret world with alien technology hiding in plain sight of our present day world.
The thesis of the entire series is clear - Dan and Caspar, presumably with the help from Lewis and Catalina, will spend each episode hunting down some lost piece of alien technology. The series poses the moral question about the use of technology and the consequences of advanced technology, especially when it falls into the wrong hands.
The “A story” goal of the pilot is also easy to follow - Caspar is being inducted into this world and must solve his first case as Dan serves as a mentor of sorts. The stakes are somewhat clear but could be stronger. For example, a way to elevate the stakes is with the idea that Harvey wants to use the technology to make someone very important disappears, like a political figure. Adding this would raise the tension and create a stronger ticking clock that he has to be stopped.
While the outline of the series and premise itself is compelling and fun, the execution needs work. The most notable challenge off the bat is a lack in clarity in the tone. At times, it was difficult to determine if it was more of a high stakes drama/action story that takes itself serious, or a more lighthearted comedic venture.
While comedy can be infused into a drama, as is, the jokes stand out as a mismatch in tone rather than being…

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