Essay on Worldwide Crisis : The Importance Of Going Green

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Worldwide Crisis: The Importance of Going Green
Going Green, the phrase associated with the environmental movement known as Earth Day.
Established On April 22, 1970, it brought together 20 million Americans, including 10,000 scholastic institutions, 20,000 colleges, and 1,000 environmentally conscious communities. They united together in protest of a healthy and sustainable environment while voicing their concerns over the deterioration of the earth. In addition, The Earth Day demonstration influenced many Eco-friendly phrases that are synonymous with the movement. Thus, go green, live a green lifestyle, sustainable living, save the earth and Eco-friendly are descriptive phrases associated with the movement. Kathleen Rogers, president of Washington, D.C. based Earth Day Network, stated, “April 22, 1970, was chosen for the first Earth Day in part because it fell on a Wednesday, the best part of the week to encourage a large turnout for the environmental rallies held across the country”(Rogers). Therefore, Earth Day was a huge success which contributed to the creation of four instrumental actions that were created to protect the earth and its natural habitats. The United States Environmental Protection Agency of 1970, The Clean Air Act of 1970, The Clean Water Act of 1972, and The Endangered Species Act of 1973, which provides protection to endangered and threatened plant and animal species from extinction. Moreover, In 1990, Earth Day went global organizing 200 million people…

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